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Medmonster Clinical Trials Drug View Insight Intelligence provides Information Technology, Healthcare & pharma digital intelligence and data-based products, consultancy and research services that help businesses to make better informed decisions, uncover opportunities and compete the market. MedMonsters IT and Health connect can help you reach, connect and expand, raise your profile, and generate new leads

A database for Clinical Trials, Drug research and development, disease treatment and decision making, based on trusted, scientifically proven data

Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence Techniques, Machine Language assessed, Pharma Experts Reviewed, assessed and summarized by a team of AI, BI driven by scientists & Drawn from 50000 Companies , 250000 Clinical Trails across 160 Countries and 100000 Drugs.

Insights Delivers results on drugs, trials, deals, Press Releases, News, conferences Etc. Quickly identify the key clinical trials being performed to advance these drugs through international regulatory standards, with coverage of both international and observational trials outcomes.

With our exclusive research, you'll be able to:.

– Review the largest medical device companies in the world. Develop a broader view of the medical devices global marketplace, the biggest players in the industry and the products and innovations making the biggest impacts today Discover companies developing technology that you may want to work on, or that you could benefit from Find a strategic partner or a larger firm that may want to acquire your business or research Get contacts details to each company to connect and peruse for business engagement.

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Drug Insights outlines:

– National Clinical Trial Numbers. – Phase of trial and current status.

– Trial Title or description . – Trial purpose, focus and design. – Primary and other endpoints.

– Primary Completion, Completion Date, First Results Posted, Last Results Posted.

– Interventions. – Study center and investigator details. – Diseases and subjects treated.

– Inclusion and exclusion criteria. – Age & Gender. – Trial identifiers.

– Organizations involved. – Trial history. – Outcomes and results.

– Locations. – Related authors and reference URL's.

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